Keep Cats Out Of Houseplants

Cat repellent spray is another option to try and it works great to keep cats out of houseplants it also prevents them from chewing on your shoes but thats a story for another day. Cats also tend to stay away from the smell of anything citrus.

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How to Keep Cats Out of Houseplants You can also cat-proof houseplants by making them smell bad.

Keep cats out of houseplants. Give Them Some Plants. Cayenne pepper is a standard recommendation along with red chili flakes. Keep the Plants Out of Reach.

If you have space designate a plant room where your kitty isnt allowed. There You Have It. Most times these types of grass are a seed comprised of either wheat barley or rye.

I use bitter apple spray which is. Cover up Your Plants. Cats love to destroy houseplants.

The feline instinct enjoys chewing green leaves or knocking the whole case to the floor leaving a big mess to clean up. How to Keep Cats Out of Houseplants. You may be able to keep your cats away from your houseplants by sprinkling some spicy aromas around the base and leaves of your plants.

When your cat tries to reach the plant the tower will topple giving the cat a fright. Place pine cones in a plant. Ultimately any pungent smell should prevent your cat from chewing on your plants.

Another way to cat-proof your houseplants is to put. Line pine cones around the bottom of your plant. Sprinkle cayenne pepper around the leaves of houseplants and your cat will back away pretty quickly.

Take a spray bottle add some hot sauce and water into it. Keep Your Cat Your Houseplants and Your Sanity. Get them their own indoor sandbox to play in and theyll probably stay out.

When used to keep cats out of your garden it is best to plant them in a line. Keep The Litter Box Clean. Keep Your Cat Your Houseplants.

Another approach of drawing your cats attention away from your plants is to provide them with their own cat grass or inside cat garden. Despite this being a safe alternative you will still want to monitor how much they consume. Like seashells or stones this blocks your cats access but allows water to get through to the soil.

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Even if you are not going to plant lemon or orange saplings inside your home you can always mix lemon or orange peel with the soil. Their sensitive noses would definitely pick up the scent. It will also ensure that your cat.

Keep Lemon Peels Close to The Plant. While all help keep cats out the taller varieties are the most effective. Cats also hate the smell of citrus.

You can cat-proof any houseplant that does not have a naturally strong smell by sprinkling cayenne pepper around the leaves making the smell bad for cats. Cayenne and crushed pepper annoy most felines so its a good idea to sprinkle some around the pots and keep away the cats from munching your houseplants. Sprinkle Some Cayenne Pepper.

Pine cones can also work well for keeping your cat out of your plants. Nancy Welch says Put landscape type screening or the landscape cloth you put down to keep weeds out over the dirt in your plant. One issue you will face with lavender is the numerous options available.

Because she has been kicking soil out of the pot and onto the sill nearly every day since I brought it into the house. Both Wai and MacDonald use macrame plant holders and shelves to mount their smaller plants up and out of reach from little paws. Create a tower of cups to startle the cat.

Spray around the area where your plants are located. Cat-proof Your Houseplants Strong smells repel cats. However this is bad not only for the health of your plant but also for your cat.

How to Keep Cats Away from Houseplants. Give Your Cat Their Own Plant. Use Repellent Spray To Keep Cats Out Of Houseplants.

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Once the cats been startled a couple of times it will likely leave the plants alone. This stuff does allow water to penetrate but will keep the four footed kids from having fun. An easy way to keep a cat away from plants is to build a tower of plastic cups in front of it.

An easy way to keep your cats out of your plants is to make sure they cant access them. Think of where that dirt ends up. Cats are jumpers but if the bush blocks their line of sight as the taller lavender plants do they are not as curious.

Other oils you could try that are supposed to repel cats include Peppermint Eucalyptus.

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